August 23, 2023 1 min read

15 minute Broccoli soup

Deliciously creamy with or without cheese.

With just a few simple ingredients you can make healthy broccoli soup that tastes amazing in very little time. With the Vibe Blender stainless-steel jug hot soup can be on the table in 15-minutes. Perfect for a comforting, quick and easy, healthy lunch or starter. With plenty of substitution options it’s easily vegetarian or vegan.

The key to this delicious and creamy soup is cheese but believe me, if you choose to pass on the dairy, it’s thick and creamy and plenty flavourful without.

Prep is easy. Since you’re blending it all up, don’t put time into finely chopping ingredients. Simply, roughly chop everything, including the broccoli stems which are loaded with nutrients and contribute body and extra flavour. 

Crunchy toast is off course optional, but oh so good!

15-minute blender broccoli soup

Serves 3-4

Blender broccoli soup

Blender broccoli soup



15-minute blender broccoli soup