The Luvele Meat Grinder range have been designed to allow for convenient food prep at home. Our Meat Grinders are ideal for making fresh, homemade minced meats, as well as amazing gourmet sausages filled with your choice of healthy, quality ingredients.

Why buy a Luvele Meat Grinder?

Ok, picture this, you spot an epic looking paleo Bolognese recipe with spiralized zucchini pasta on Instagram and you spark up the motivation to make it for the fam’s dinner.

You head on down to your local supermarket, first you visit the fresh food section to purchase the veggies. Then you wonder over to the meat department, where you are welcomed by a selection of minced beef, packaged in Styrofoam trays and tightly wrapped in plastic film with a sprinkling of condensation beading down the front, yum!

You have a decision to make, do I buy the 3 star, 4 star or 5 star mince, and what is the difference?

There is no mention on the packaging on what cut of meat has been used, most likely because an unknown number of animal parts have been married together to make this concoction.

Let’s not mention the healthy dose of chemicals, added to keep the mince looking shinny and fresh, all for your wellbeing right!

You put a tray in your basket, knowing deep-down, something does not quite add up.

Now let’s consider another option.

You rock up to your local butcher and eye out a pristine fresh cut of meat, a whole muscle, with its moisture locked in ready to enjoy. You take it home, set up your Luvele eclipse grinder, run the delightful piece through the machine and within minutes you have perfect, untainted minced meat, ready for your paleo Bolognese. You smile inside with pride, knowing your family is enjoying the best.

Sound good?

There are many other reasons to own a Luvele Meat grinder; homemade mince tastes Amazing. Once you try it, you’ll never look back. Grinding meat is fast and the luvele grinder is easy to clean. Blend different types of cuts to create you very own premium blends. And there are also unlimited, healthy foods and meals that can be created to impress your family and friends from;

  • Traditional German sausages with probiotic Sauerkraut
  • Naked Style hamburgers with sweet potato wedges
  • Pork and Apple Meatloaf
  • Salmon and cod Fish Cakes
  • Turkey Rissole
  • Crockpot Shepherd’s Pie
  • Paleo Lasagne

And then there are the Italian favourites, like;

  • Pork meatballs
  • Traditional Beef Bolognese
  • Paleo Meatza-Pizza, with a ground beef crust!

Or Mexican Delights like;

  • Chicken Burrito Bowls
  • Taco stuffed Avocados.

Let’s not forget the endless list of salads!

  • Great salads
  • Chicken Larb,
  • Tumeric Chicken with Asian Slaw, 

Mediterranean dishes like

  • Lamb Kofta & Kibbeh.  

Hungry yet!