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A blender is a kitchen appliance commonly used to chop, mash or mix food. Most blenders - including Luvele’s - consist of a blender jar with a rotating metal blade at the bottom, powered by an electric motor in the base. The most powerful models can also crush ice.

Luvele blenders

The Luvele range of blenders have been designed to offer professional and reliable results at home. Our top of the range Com8 Blender features a powerful 1500w carbon brush motor, with a 2L BPA free blending jug and an 8 blade cutting system made with super hardened, Japanese Stainless Steel.

What are the benefits of using a blender?

Blenders are used both in home and commercial kitchens for various purposes, including to:

  • Help dissolve solids into liquids
  • Make milkshakes, smoothies, nut milk, soups 
  • Mix and crush ice
  • Make smooth purées - the perfect baby food!
  • Reduce small solids e.g. spices and seeds to powder or nut butters


Who’s it for?

  • Anyone who cooks regularly and wants to get better results, save precious time and money too
  • Restaurants owners, chefs and professionals who work in the hospitality industry