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rosted tomato soup


Soups are such a delicious, versatile way to make sure you are eating plenty of vegetables throughout the year. They’re a great healthy comfort food option and they store well in the freezer, making them perfect for batch cooking or busy cooks. Although soup may not come to mind when you first think of meal prepping, it is also perfect to take to the office or school: simply pack in a leak-proof container and then heat for a few minutes before eating. 

This twist on a classic tomato soup is packed full of nutrients, vegan and gluten free - so everyone can enjoy! The balsamic reduction adds a delicate sweetness to a rich mix of three types of tomatoes this recipe calls for: roasted cherry tomatoes, which will blister and condense into sweet little bites as you cook them, savoury semi-sundried tomatoes and juicy fresh tomatoes. If you don’t have the semi-sundried tomatoes on hand you can skip them, but I highly recommend adding them in for extra flavour. Roasting the garlic and onion also adds a lovely depth.  

roasted tomato soup

This recipe is made using the Vibe Blender System. Using the stainless-steel jug, you can safely blend the warm soup into a smooth, creamy texture. There is no need to wait for the soup to cool down before blending, and you can easily blend the entire recipe at once, the Vibe Blender means that this makes a great weeknight dinner. Once you have prepared the ingredients, you can blend and serve piping hot soup straight away! The Vibe Blender's stainless-steel blades will result in a very even texture in just a few minutes. 

Serve with a side of warm blender bread or a dollop of homemade yogurt. This soup is also delicious served with a sprinkle of fresh herbs, hemp seeds and a drizzle of hemp seed oil for extra healthy fats, or a handful of chopped toasted nuts. The options are endless - although, something with a little bit of crunch is always yummy! 

Even though it is perfect for a cold winter's night, this soup is light enough to enjoy in summer. In the warmer months, you could serve this soup alongside a fresh green salad. Enjoy!

This post is proudly featured in collaboration with Sarah MacDonald of Sarah's Spoonful.

roasted tomatoes

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Balsamic_roasted tomato soup