July 26, 2023 1 min read

Blender Crepes with lemon yogurt

Creamy, zesty, simple, and delicious.

The Vibe Blender System makes delicate, classic French crepes easier than ever. Filled with a zesty, honey sweetened yogurt that is creamy, fresh, and tangy, these crepes are perfect for a slow weekend breakfast, or any day brunch or dessert.  

Crepe batter can certainly be mixed with a bowl and whisk, but using the Vibe Blender makes flawless batter in seconds and creates the tiny bubbles that make crepes thin, light, and airy. With the blender method you are guaranteed perfectly delicate crepes that cook up with those beloved slightly crisp edges and fold or roll without tearing.

Blender crepes with lemon yogurt

Although crepe batter is very simple to make, there is an important step that make the conditions perfect for cooking. Crepe batter needs to rest for a minimum of 30 minutes to help the flour stabilise, resulting in softer, more pliable crepes. If the weather is warm, leave it in the fridge. Crepe batter can be left longer, overnight, or up to two days. The batter may separate with extra time in the fridge so always give it a stir with a spoon just before you use it.

This recipe yields 12 crepes. Double the ingredients in the Vibe Blender for a larger batch.  

Blender crepes with lemon yogurt


Blender crepes

Blender crepes

Blender Crepes