August 20, 2020 1 min read

Fresh green Thai curry paste

Authentic, fresh and packed with flavour.

Making your own sauces, marinades and pastes at home is made so much easier and quicker using the Vibe Blender. Buying store bought jar sauces is convenient but often comes at a cost. The product isn’t as fresh as homemade, they often contain undesirable additives and preservatives and they can be a no-go for those with allergies.

Making ‘jar sauces’ from scratch puts the control back in your hands and the outcome in terms of flavour and nutritional value is so much better! You can manage everything from what goes in and what stays out as well as the balance of flavour. Plus, controlling portions is made much simpler when preparing from scratch.

This Thai green curry paste recipe is fresh and packed with flavour. Control the balance of heat, saltiness and acidity by playing around with the ingredients. This recipe will have you patting yourself on the back and it will give you peace of mind knowing exactly what is in it!

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Fresh Thai green curry paste