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Barb Hodgens

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The word ‘kibbeh’ derives from an Arabic word meaning, “to form into a ball”. Kibbeh are however, far, far more than your average meatball. They are a double mince, meat-lovers delight with a unique flavour that once required deft fingers to craft just right. Their crispy outer casing and tasty filling, make them more like a stuffed croquette and they are simply delicious served warm with plain yogurt (or tzatziki) and Mediterranean salads.

Traditionally, kibbeh consists of an outer dough made of ground meat, Middle Eastern spices and bulgur (cracked wheat), stuffed with spiced beef and toasted pine nuts; meat encased in a meat parcel! Adding wheat to ground meat creates the unique pliability and strength required to mould and stuff. This is not easy to replicate in a gluten free version, but we did it!

gluten free kibbeh

Creating a gluten free version is an exciting culinary achievement. We switched the bulgur for a combination of cooked quinoa and tapioca flour and are chuffed to say that our GF kibbeh shells held up super well. Our dough passed the ‘Luvele meat grinder’ challenge with flying colours. The kibbeh making attachment was not only incredibly easy to use, but it turned out sleek cases that cooked to crispy perfection.

With the kibbeh attachment, the painstaking process of shaping the cases as thinly as possible by hand is now a thing of the past. But really your kibbeh will taste great whether they’re torpedo shaped, balls or flat patties. The kibbeh attachment creates the hole, so all you have to do is stuff and seal.

Luvele GF kibbeh; we’ve taken the work and the wheat out and left the lovely in.

kibbeh quinoa

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Gluten Free Kibbeh recipe