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oat and almond pulp granola

Turn your left-over nut pulp into cluster-style granola!

If you have discovered the joys of making your own nut milk, you may be wondering what you can do with all the leftover pulp. If you’ve paid a premium for raw nuts, the last thing you want is the bulk of them going to waste! Of course, throwing out the leftovers would also mean tossing a bunch of perfectly good fibre and nutrients straight into the bin.

Luckily, you absolutely don’t have to let your nut pulp go to waste. This recipe is an easy way to salvage those leftovers and turn them into something completely new and totally delicious. With a few added ingredients, you can turn your plain almond pulp into moreish cluster-style granola that is perfect for sprinkling on smoothies, homemade yogurt or fresh fruit. The moisture in the pulp will help the clusters to form, so this is best made on the day you make your almond milk. 

oat and almond pulp granola

I’ve kept this recipe quite simple, but it does have a lovely warm, nutty flavour. If you wanted to get a bit creative, you could add in some chopped nuts or seeds or dried berries. If you add any berries or fruit, either add it for the last five minutes or once you’ve removed the granola from the oven, as the sugar in the fruit means that it will burn very quickly. Stored in an airtight container, this will last in the pantry for a week. I’d be impressed if it made it that long, though! 

This post is proudly featured in collaboration with Sarah MacDonald of Sarah's Spoonful.

oat & almond pulp granola

leftover almond pulp



oat and almond pulp granola


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