August 14, 2019 1 min read


A show stopping healthy breakfast.

You’re going to luv this wholesome and vibrant granola yogurt fruit tart at your next special breakfast. It’s so simple to make. The granola shells can be complete and cooling in under 20 minutes.

Any homemade yogurt (plant-based or traditional dairy) beautifully compliments oats, so the hardest part is deciding which fruit to strew on top!  We’ve chosen berries and kiwi’s for vivid colour but mango or sliced stone fruit would be lovely too.

We’ve used two styles of yogurt - the large tart is filled with cow’s milk yogurt (dripped for an hour to thicken), while the mini tarts are vegan and filled with homemade coconut yogurt. See our blog for all our yogurt recipes. To keep the granola shell crispy and crunchy, delay adding the yogurt and fruit until just before serving.

For an even easier breakfast, make the granola shells ahead of time – they stay fresh and crunchy for up to 5 days in an airtight container.  

granola yogurt fruit tart stepsgranola yogurt fruit tart stepsgrail yogurt fruit tart steps



granola yogurt fruit tart